Cisco installs all kinds if rootkits to verify identity. If you have a slightly more lax VPN you may be able to use openconnect as an alternative.

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A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted. It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allows the user to conduct work remotely. VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments. How to Use Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client | IT Help Jul 15, 2020 How to Set Up a VPN in 6 Steps - Cisco Line up key VPN components. To get started, you'll need a VPN client, a VPN server, and a VPN … What Is a VPN? - Virtual Private Network - Cisco How does a virtual private network (VPN) work? A VPN extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the Internet. Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels. An employee can work outside the office and still securely connect to the corporate network.