For a little more money, PureVPN offers three add-ons to its main service. First there's Dedicated IP, starting from $0.99/month. This is an Internet address unique to your account, as opposed to

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Jul 10, 2020 · Using a dedicated IP for networking enables you to visit your website via its IP address (since it is the only domain mapped to that IP). For example, if you type in “” you would go directly to Google because that is its dedicated IP address. About. PureVPN is a vpn service provider that enables you to access internet in restricted countries like China and the UAE safely and securely.. TorGuard is a vpn company based in the United States that enables you access the internet privately and anonymously as well as safely download torrent files. Dedicated IP. PureVPN deals offer an add-on such as a Dedicated IP virtual private network where you can achieve much more. The possibilities are endless. You can pass through strict security and access those hard to crack access codes in backs and hospital facilities, for example. Is dedicated IP boosts your speed? Yes, for sure. But is it “value for money” or does it really make much difference? Well, if you purchase a dedicated IP for $23.88 per year, you won’t need to share that IP address with anyone else, but it will only be used by you.