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In the Judiciary Act of 1789, Congress gave the Supreme Court the authority to issue certain judicial writs. The Constitution did not give the Court this power. Because the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, the Court held that any contradictory congressional Act is without force. Sanjay Hegde, Senior Advocate, on building a legal Jun 25, 2016 Category:Supreme Court of India - Wikimedia Commons Apr 24, 2018

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Supreme Court of Kentucky - Kentucky Court of Justice The Supreme Court of Kentucky is the court of last resort and the final interpreter of state law. It consists of seven justices who are elected from the seven appellate districts and serve eight-year terms. The Chief Justice of the Commonwealth is chosen by his or her colleagues and serves a term of four years. The justices, as a panel, hear

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Supreme Court splits on Trump tax cases, potentially shielding returns until after election. By JOSH GERSTEIN and KYLE CHENEY. 07/08/2020 06:27 PM EDT. Updated 07/09/2020 11:33 AM EDT. New York Supreme Court 6th Judicial District - Ballotpedia The chief judge of the court of appeals appoints two chief administrative judges of the supreme court, one to supervise trial courts within New York City and one to supervise trial courts outside of the city. Qualifications To serve on this court, a judge must: be a state resident; have had at least 10 years of in-state law practice; BUCKHANNON BOARD & CARE HOME, INC. V. WESTVIRGINIA …