How to connect XBOX 360 to PC using Ethernet Cable (Wired

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Jan 01, 2010

This is a tutorial to get XBox live without paying $100 for the router. You need an Ethernet cable and a laptop or computer with a wireless internet connection. To begin, go to the start menu and click on control panel. Change the control panel view to classic view. Then click on network connections and go to your wireless connection under the heading 'LAN or High Speed Internet'. Hooking Up Xbox 360 Sound - dummies

My 360 is upstairs and my internet connection is downstairs. I dont want to run an ethernet cable up and down the stairs since one of my cats likes to chew wires. :) Silly I know.

How to Connect your Microsoft Kinect to your XBox 360 The Microsoft Kinect represents its attempt to steal the Wii's thunder, and it work pretty dang well. Watch this video for a guide to plugging the Kinect into your XBox 360 and setting up your gaming area so that you'll be able to play it. How to Connect XBOX 360 Console to Windows 10 computer Dec 15, 2014 How to Bring Xbox Online Connecting to Internet If you hook up Xbox/360 to Internet, you will be able to play online game such as Halo 2, RoboBlitz and many more games with other players around the world. Player can also download new content for their games to the Xbox's hard disk.