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networking - Share my VPN connection with other LAN users example: if the computer with the VPN connection has an en0 adapter on your local network with an ip of, and your VPN accessible network subnet is On your other LAN computer without the VPN connection you'd enter a route cmd like --(for Windows OS) route add mask metric 200 if Ubuntu Server: A cheat sheet - TechRepublic Ubuntu Server is a server operating system, developed by Canonical, that runs on all major architectures: x86, x86-64, ARM v7, ARM64, POWER8, and IBM System z mainframes via LinuxONE. How to Set Up WireGuard VPN on Ubuntu 18.04 - Linux Apr 18, 2020

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May 24, 2018 · OpenVPN is a full-featured, open-source Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN solution that accommodates a wide range of configurations. In this tutorial, you will set up an OpenVPN server on an Ubuntu 18.04 server and then configure access to it from Windows, macOS, iOS and/or Android.

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Best VPN for Ubuntu in 2020 (Full Review) - AddictiveTips Aug 02, 2019 Install WireGuard VPN (Linux Server) - Hostwinds Guides As private VPN solutions go, this one is promising to be an easy setup and usage. Objective: This guide’s objective is to install Wireguard on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 or 20.04 and configure a Windows desktop PC to connect to the VPN server. This will be the most common use of WireGuard for many users. Linux Network-Manager GUI for OpenVPN. Many Linux distributions including Ubuntu desktop variants come with Network Manager, a nice GUI to configure your network settings. It also can manage your VPN connections. It is the default, but if in doubt make sure you have package network-manager-openvpn installed. Open the Network Manager GUI, select the VPN tab and then the ‘Add’ button.